Arulmigu Poovananathar Temple,Kovilpatti

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Arulmigu SankaraRameswarar Temple,Thoothukudi:

Arulmigu Sankara Rameshvarar Temple is one of the ancient temples of Thoothukudi District, the city which is considered as the industrial area of South India.Arulmigu Sankara Rameshvarar is a form of Lord Shivan .The temple is one of the oldest structures(above 700 years) in Thoothukudi.This temple is dedicated to Sri Shiva as Sankara Rameswarar and Divine Mother Shakti as Arultharum Bagampriyal Udanurai Temple.People believe "Lord Shiva" and pray to him, they get rid of all their problems, after praying to this god. The famous about Arulmigu Sankara Rameshvarar Temple is "Prathosam Pooja" which is famous among the Thoothukudi region.The main festival Arulmigu Sankara Rameshvarar Temple is at month of Chitra & Tamil New Year which is most famous among the Thoothukudi region.
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Sri Aayirathu Enn Vinayaka Temple:

Acharya Sri Adi Sankara sang His Ganesha Pancharatna hymn in this temple before proceeding to Tiruchendur to worship Lord Muruga with his Subramania Bhujangam for remedy from a physical problem.

Sri Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple:

Due to a curse by Mother Parvathi, Kubera lost all his wealth. The Nava Nidhis – 9 kinds of wealth – left him and they came to Lord Narayana – Perumal. As Perumal was the custodian of the wealth (nidhi), He came to praised and named Vaitha Manidhi Perumal. He is granting darshan to devotees keeping these Nidhis under His right shoulder. Kubera worshipped this Perumal and got back the Nidhis, according to scriptures. Perumal is also known as Adharmapisunam

Sri Venkatavaanan temple:

According to the history of the place-Sthala Purana, Kamalavathi, daughter of a Brahmin performed penance on Lord Vishnu, who took Her hands in wedding. The place is also known as Palikai Vanam. The history further goes to say that a demon Ashmasaran fought with Lord and was killed by Him. Perumal danced his body. As requested by the Devas, He accepted the name Maya Koothan – dancer. Sri Garuda Bhagwan has the honour of being by the side of Perumal as procession deity.

Sri Makaranetunkuzhaikkaadar temple:

The temple is big in size. Mother Earth – Bhoodevi chanted the Ashtakshara Mantra taught to her by Sage Durvasa, performed penance on Lord Perumal. When she came out from the sacred river Tambiraparani after a bath, She got two precious ear rings and came to be known as SriPerai – Thiruperai in Tamil. She offered the two fish shaped ear rings to Perumal on a Panguni Poornima day in March-April, thus Perumal became Nedunguzhai Kadhan. Since Mother Bhoomadevi was named Sri Perai, the place also was named Thenthiruperai. Varuna the God of Rains performed penance on Perumal here to cleanse himself of his disrespectful behaviour against Jupiter-Guru, performed Tirumanjanam to Lord and the place received rains then, according to Sthala Puranas.

Sri Bhoomipalar temple:

A Lotus stem from the naval of Lord Perumal goes upward and joins the Lotus flower with Brahmma in the wall. Those desiring to have the darshan of the Feet of Lord can have it through a window in the outer prakara. This is the place where Indira relieved himself of his Brahmmahati dosha. This is also the place where a Brahmin Yagna Sharma cursed by the sons of Sage Vasishta to become a demon was released of the evil effect. Lord Perumal granted darshan to Varuna, Nirudhi, Dharmaraja and Nara in this place.


Manapad Beach -       Holy cross Church on the beach at a distance of 58 kms from Kulasekara pattnam. This church was built in 1581. It is said that fragments of the True cross that is placed in the church were brought from Jerusalem.

Panchalankurichi -       The place where at a distance of 20 kms from Kulasekara pattnam. It is the birthplace of the famous King VeeraPandiay Kattabomman who opposed the British Colonial rule in India and their tax collecting methods. The existing memorial fort was constructed in 1974 by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

      The Memorial hall, has beautiful paintings depicts the heroic deeds of the Kings which give a good idea about the history of the period.

      Sri Devi Jakkammal Temple, the hereditary Goddess of Kattabomman, is also located in the fort complex. Cemetery of British soldiers can also be seen near the fort.

      Old fort for Kattabomman was built in 1947 by the Government of Tamil Nadu, which is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India now.

      Tourist can visit the fort from 8.A.M to 1 P.M. and 2 P.M. to 6 P.M on all days. The entrance fee for adult is Rs.2 and Child - Rs.1.